Jet Airways has issued a statement that it will no longer allow smart luggage or smart bags on any of its flights. This announcement comes shortly after many major carriers around the world have banned these bags from being brought onto their planes.

Smart luggage contains lithium-ion batteries to power their 'brains' and charge stations. These same batteries, however, have been shown to explode or ignite at high altitudes, and the airlines are afraid that these devices could lead to tragedy.

The airline stated that anyone who has smart luggage must physically remove the batteries from the device and carry the batteries separately with them in their carry-on luggage in an effort to limit the potential for fire. Baggage that cannot have the batteries removed due to the manufacturers' construction will not be allowed anywhere on a plane.

The India-based airline has stated that smart luggage is more of a trend for Americans than for passengers who fly out of India. However, Jet Airways has a considerably large presence in the United States and feels that it is in the best interest of the entire operation to ban these types of baggage from all of their flights worldwide.

Jet Airways will require that all baggage, including those brought in the plane as carry-on bags, have their batteries removed. This is one step further than some of the other major airlines which are only requiring smart batteries be removed from bags that are being checked.

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