JetBlue Airways founder David Neeleman can't wait to launch his next airline venture. Mr. Neeleman is considering launching the U.S.-based carrier, which for now is called Moxy, next year and start with with 30 used Embraer jets from Brazilian carrier Azul. For those who don't already know, Mr. Neeleman founded Azul in 2008 after stepping down at JetBlue.

Originally, the plan was to launch Moxy sometime in 2021, when it will begin receiving 60 Airbus A220-300 jets that it has on order. While Mr. Neeleman certainly has experience launching airlines, a launch next year is still far from certain. Moxy doesn't yet have an Air Operator Certificate from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, something the new airline needs before it can begin operating commercial flights. Sometimes, this certification process proves to be a stumbling block for airlines.

In previous interviews, Mr. Neeleman said that he wants Moxy to focus on technology to offer better and more efficient customer service. The plan for the airline is to serve secondary markets where nonstop service doesn't yet exist.

Mr. Neeleman wants to offer flyers a new way to customize their flight experience when it comes to legroom, food and prices. The plan is to compete with the big four airlines as well as the likes of Spirit and Frontier. Mr. Neeleman said Moxy would be low-cost 'but not austere'.

While Mr. Neeleman hasn't revealed much else, he stated that the airline will be based near a technology center, though not near Silicon Valley. While a start date isn't yet known, with his experience launching JetBlue, Azul and WestJet Airlines, which are all successful, Moxy's debut shouldn't be too far away.

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