JetBlue Airways founder David Neeleman just chose Salt Lake City as the place to base his next airline venture. The name of the corporation is called Breeze Aviation, but this doesn't mean that the airline will take the same name. The name, thus far, hasn't been chosen and is often referred to as Moxy, but that name has already taken by Marriott.

While the Utah capital will be the headquarters for the new airline, this doesn't necessarily mean it will be a hub or a focus city for the carrier. Salt Lake City was chosen more for financial reasons. The hope is that the new airline will begin offering commercial services to passengers late next year or sometime in early 2021. The airline will focus on secondary airports as they offer lower costs. It will offer services to airports such as Oakland and Burbank and avoid large, well-traveled hubs like Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Neeleman also wants his new airline to rely heavily on newer technology to run his company. Instead of being stuck on the phone to solve problems, he is planning to offer quicker and comparatively pain-free customer service via computers and mobile apps.

In the long-term, the newly-formed airline will use the Airbus A220 aircraft, which can easily fly coast-to-coast. The A220 jet can also cross the Atlantic from East Coast cities like New York and Boston. However, to start, the airline may utilize used Embraer planes.

Breeze Aviation plans to offer more details early next year, including information on what airports it intends to fly into and out of. In addition to founding JetBlue Airways, David Neeleman founded Azul Brazilian Airlines, Morris Air and WestJet. Despite his experience, his airline launch day could be delayed as the FAA often has lengthy wait times when it comes to approving airlines.

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