JetBlue has just announced the carrier is running an 'All You Can Jet' contest until March 8, 2019. Three lucky winners will win passes for free flights anywhere JetBlue flies for an entire year. The winner and a guest can take as many flights as they want during this period. Flights are free, but taxes and fees still apply.

Of course, there is always a catch. You must have an Instagram account to enter the contest, and you must be willing to 'clean the slate' on your account. The airline wants you to delete all the pictures on your account and post a single picture using its special tag line that says ALL YOU CAN _______. You are supposed to fill in the blank and create an image for posting purposes while you are at it.

Post the image with the right hashtag (#ALLYOUCANJETSWEEPSTAKES) and tag @JETBLUE before 9:00am EST on 3/8/2019, and you may be one of the lucky winners. JetBlue does not require you to post on your account after you win, but the airline hopes you will show off pictures of all your amazing travels that you get to enjoy while flying for free.

The contest is in effect right now until March 8, 2019. At that time, the airline will select the winners and notify them directly. Winners than can start traveling immediately anywhere that JetBlue flies. This is a wonderful opportunity because JetBlue has over 100 different destinations to choose from, including many in the Caribbean.

There is no purchase necessary, and anyone 18 or older can enter the contest. The only requirements is an empty Instagram account and a personalized ALL YOU CAN picture.

Adam Luehrs is a contributing writer at based in California. He likes traveling to new and exciting destinations, preferably on his credit card company's dime. When not on the road, Adam enjoys hiking around the mountains of San Diego, trying out new food and reading history books. Email: