There's good news for anyone who feels like airline loyalty programs are getting more restrictive. JetBlue is making a very generous move when it comes to how points can be shared and managed. The budget carrier is changing things up to allow members of its loyalty program to share their points with anyone they choose. That means that members of the TrueBlue frequent flyer program can now enjoy more flexibility when it comes to pooling points than ever before. The airline is even renaming its Family Pooling program the Points Pooling program. Members can expect to see rules regarding point sharing loosened across the board.

Members of TrueBlue are used to being able to pool points within their families. However, the old policy only allowed members to pool points with two adults and up to five children. Members can now create pools of between two and seven people of any age. A designated pool leader can give other pool members permission to redeem reward points and book reward travel.

Keep in mind members will contribute 100 percent of their points to the pool once they accept the invitation to start pooling. They can also leave a pool with all of their unused points whenever they want to. Members of pools previously had to decide the number of points they wanted to contribute to a pool on an upfront basis.

There are still a few qualifications that must be met when pooling points with the TrueBlue loyalty program. A pool leader will need to be at least 21 years old. A member can only belong to one pooling account at a time. However, members of a pool do not need to actually be members of the same family. JetBlue announced changes to its TrueBlue program back in August. However, the changes just officially went live on the airline's website. TrueBlue members will see an option for pooling points on the right side of the screen when they access their accounts.

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