JetBlue will soon become the first airline to offer hard seltzer on board. By adding hard seltzer to its in-flight menu, JetBlue is hoping to attract more millennials who are shunning beer and other alcoholic beverages. Many drinkers prefer hard seltzer as it is low in sugar and carbs.

Hard seltzer is growing in popularity. It isn't a mixed drink like a vodka soda. Instead, the beverage gets its alcohol from fermented sugar. There are two advantages of hard seltzer. It has fewer calories than beer, and it has less alcohol content than a mixed drink.

The airline is working with Truly Hard Seltzer, which is based in Boston, where the airline has a large hub. The airline will only offer one flavor to start, Wild Berry. According to Truly Hard Seltzer, drinkers will enjoy the taste of fresh raspberries, tart blackberries and juicy strawberries, all with a sparkling taste.

JetBlue is always looking for ways to improve the experience for flyers. Not only does the airline offer free Wi-Fi and in-flight entertainment, but it also tries to offer a more unique experience. In 2017, JetBlue introduced an in-flight beer called FlytoberFest, and in 2016, the airline even offered a 'Shakes on a Plane' mixology class during flight.

According to JetBlue, the hard seltzer will be available later this month. Thus far, the airline hasn't said how much it will charge for the beverage. However, it charges eight dollars for most beers, wines and cocktails. If the hard seltzer is a hit, JetBlue may introduce other flavors in the future. Truly Hard Seltzer has 13 flavors and is constantly debuting more flavors.

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