JetBlue's loyalty program has once again scooped up the top spot in J.D. Power's ranking of the best airline loyalty programs in the country. The latest survey considered the input of 3,025 travelers and based questions on program benefits, program management and how well airlines communicated with their customers. A loyalty program with a score of 1,000 would have a perfect score. Here's how the major carriers in the United States performed:

  • JetBlue's TrueBlue earned 812 points.
  • Southwest's Rapid Rewards earned 798 points.
  • Alaska's Mileage Plan earned 791 points.
  • Delta's SkyMiles earned 786 points.
  • American's AAdvantage earned 749 points.
  • United's MileagePlus earned 747 points.

The industry average for loyalty programs comes in at 776 points. That means that only American Airlines and United Airlines have loyalty programs that performed below average. What earned the top-scoring loyalty programs the biggest points with travelers? Respondents were enthusiastic about programs that made it easy to redeem miles or receive upgrades.

One of the most surprising pieces of information to emerge from J.D. Power's latest survey is that only about half of all members of airline loyalty programs in the United States actually understand how they work. That means you're not alone if you're having trouble making sense of the perks that are owed to you or knowing what to do with your points.

The latest J.D. Power survey regarding loyalty programs marks the second time in a row that JetBlue's TrueBlue program earned the top spot. However, some noticeable changes have occurred since last year's findings were released. Southwest's loyalty program has managed to knock Alaska's program out of second place and down to third.

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