The future is just around the corner when air travel is concerned. Travelers could be riding in hybrid-electric planes as early as 2022 if the plans of a private charter company called JetSuite become real. JetSuite has announced that it intends to add up to 100 hybrid-electric airplanes to its fleet in the coming years. The airline's new planes are being developed by a company called Zunum Aero.

The announcement from JetSuite is a big deal because it marks the first time this type of technology has been ordered commercially. The airline world could see huge reductions in fuel costs and emissions if this trend catches on. JetSuite has received support from the venture capital arms of both Boeing and JetBlue. The company expects to receive new Zunum Aero planes at a pace of about one per month during the first two years of upgrading its fleet. Deliveries are expected to accelerate until somewhere around 100 of the new aircraft have been received.

What can travelers expect once hybrid-electric planes are available? Travelers can look forward to quieter flights. The particular planes ordered by JetSuite will be capable of seating up to 12 passengers each. The planes will likely be used for shorter routes that are between 200 miles and 500 miles in length. This means that travelers using JetSuite to make journeys like the one between Los Angeles and Las Vegas may soon be able to look forward to quiet, planet-friendly plane rides.

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