The best airport in the world is about to open a very highly anticipated new addition. Jewel Changi Airport will finally open its doors to the public at Singapore Changi Airport on April 17. The space features an indoor forest and close to 300 shops and restaurants. What's more, Jewel will house the tallest indoor waterfall on the planet. This ambitious, out-of-this-world addition to Changi comes at a cost of $1.3 billion.

What can you expect if you find yourself at Changi with some time to spare? Jewel offers 1.46 million square feet of space and seven magnificent stories to explore. Five of those stories are above ground and two are below ground. The space is covered by a dome that is made of steel and glass. A four-story tropical garden called Forest Valley is one of the centerpieces of Jewel. Other highlights include the Rain Vortex, Canopy Park, a bouncing net, a walking net, a hedge maze, a mirror maze, slides and a suspended bridge with a glass floor. If you are visiting, keep in mind some of the attractions are poised to open in the middle of the year.

The club lounge at the new YOTELAIR at Changi overlooks the new indoor waterfall at Jewel and features 130 rooms. These rooms can be booked for four hours or more. Among the new retailers coming to Changi is a Nike store that is reported to be the largest in all of Southeast Asia. Visitors will also find an impressive mix of both local and global retailers and restaurants inside Jewel. There are also plenty of practical features inside the newest addition at Changi. Jewel was built to offer check-in kiosks, check-in counters, areas for baggage storage and shower facilities.

Jewel is connected to Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. It is also accessible from Changi Airport MRT station.

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