The long-awaited opening of the TWA Hotel at New York JFK Airport is over. The hotel has finally opened its doors, and it is everything that was anticipated plus more. The retro-themed hotel is the only hotel on JFK property, making it an even more attractive place to stay for travelers.

The TWA Hotel is designed to reflect the aviation culture of the '60s. This was thought to be the best time to fly as using airplanes for travel really caught on with the general public. Before the 60s, air travel was mostly reserved for the rich and famous or those who had an emergency and needed to get somewhere fast.

The design of the hotel is everything one could anticipate. It has the TWA look from the 60s on the outside, and the building even has 'wings'. The interior is decorated to match the retro theme but not overly done so. Mid-century designed furniture matches perfectly with modern amenities.

The rooftop infinity pool is one of the best features of the hotel. It overlooks the runways and has a nice poolside bar. There is a unique feature outside as well. The hotel retrofitted a Lockheed Constellation plane and modified it into a cocktail lounge.

Since the TWA Hotel is located in a former terminal for the airport, guests can use the AirTrain to arrive at the hotel and to return back to the airport. This convenience alone is a huge plus for any traveler who hates the amount of time it takes to get to a hotel once he or she leaves JFK. If you want to book a night or two, you can do so by booking directly through the hotel's website.

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