South Korea's flag carrier Korean Air is launching a unique frequent flyer program that's specifically designed for passengers with pets. Dubbed SKYPETS, the innovative program rewards passengers who travel alongside their pets with stamps that can be exchanged for a number of pet services and discounts. Additionally, the program aims to simplify and reduce the hassle associated with bringing pets on board.

Each domestic one-way flight that passengers and their pets take with Korean Air rewards them with one stamp, while international one-way flights garner two stamps. The stamps are valid up to three years after receipt, so passengers needn't worry about exchanging them for rewards immediately.

The SKYPETS program offers a number of rewards, the value of each increasing with the number of stamps required. 6 stamps will net travelers 50 percent off the pet service charge for one domestic one-way flight. For 12 stamps, passengers can choose between a complete waiver of the pet service fee on a domestic flight, or a substantial 50 percent discount on the pet service charge for an international flight. And, 24 stamps can be exchanged for a one-way ticket on international routes.

Pet bookings and requests have also been simplified. Passengers simply need to register their pet(s) on Korean Air's website to have them added to the itinerary. You can register up to 5 companion animals.

SKYPETS also aims to make flying more comfortable for pets. Depending on their size and weight, dogs, cats, and birds are permitted to travel in the cabin. Pets that exceed the parameters will have to travel in the luggage hold.

All said, SKYPETS is a quirky program that offers some surprisingly valuable rewards. Creating a rewards program specifically for pet owners is certainly an interesting concept, and hopefully will inspire other carriers to devise equally creative offers.

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