Travelers flying in or out of Las Vegas can now take advantage of personal protective equipment (PPE) vending machines at McCarran International Airport (LAS). The Nevada hub is equipped with three vending machines stocked with protective equipment. Travelers will find the PPE vending machines inside LAS located near the Terminal 1 ticket counters and Terminal 3's TSA checkpoint.

The machines are stocked with masks, gloves, wipes and hand sanitizer. Keep in mind that stocks will rotate based on availability. Also, travelers will pay a premium if they want to purchase PPE at the airport. Here's a price breakdown for McCarran's PPE vending machines:

  • Three-pack of masks: $7.50
  • Single reusable cloth mask: $14.50
  • 10-pack of alcohol wipes: $5.25
  • Hand sanitizer (50mL): $4.25

Several other airports around the country are also selling PPE. Travelers will find masks tucked into some vending machines at Tulsa International Airport. In addition, many airports are now selling masks and other PPE at retail stores located inside terminals.

Passengers are not officially required to wear face coverings during air travel under Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines. However, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines do recommend masks. Nearly all airlines have implemented policies requiring both staff members and passengers to wear face coverings in boarding areas and on aircraft. Major carriers like American Airlines, Delta Airlines and JetBlue all officially have policies in place.

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