Travelers to Sin City typically drink too much, gamble too much, eat too much and even smoke too much. However, some visitors to Las Vegas may prefer a more toned down experience focusing on health and wellness. To that, a new hotel catering to this group of travelers seeking something different will be constructed. Those who want to enjoy spin classes and yoga instead of slot machines, alcohol-filled nights and roulette can rejoice.

The Majestic is a $850 million dollar hotel project. It will be a non-smoking, non-gaming, ultra-luxury five-star hotel. Instead of offering indulgent buffets, gambling and smoking facilities, this hotel will focus on health and wellness. While there will be absolutely no gambling on site, there will be plenty for guests to enjoy including a pool area with 50 cabanas and lots of space for live entertainment.

The hotel will offer a 70,000 square foot facility spread across four levels. Here, guests can look forward to enjoying fitness classes and body treatments. The facility will also have physicals and personal nutritionists on site. The Majestic will aim to be a one-stop shop for people who want to examine their health and develop long-term, personalized programs to prevent future health problems and attack the root of their current health issues.

While the hotel doesn't have a specific target demographic, it may focus on Fortune 500 companies holding conventions in the area. Its attendees would normally be covered by health insurance, and the idea is that health insurance plans would cover medical services that the Majestic plans to offer.

The location of the hotel is convenient as it's right near the new convention center, which is under construction and should be completed by January 2021. Construction of the Majestic should begin next May, and it is estimated to open sometime in 2023. The plan is to build a 45-story hotel with 720 rooms. There will also be six restaurants and 10 floors of meeting and convention space.

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