There's big lounge news out of LATAM Airlines. The Latin American carrier opened up a huge VIP lounge at Miami International Airport (MIA) on Nov. 8. However, you may not have heard a lot about the lounge. The opening of the new LATAM lounge in Miami has been a pretty under-the-radar event up until now. However, airport guests can finally get a glimpse inside.

The first thing to know is that guests can find the lounge located in MIA's Terminal J. Bilingual attendants are available inside the lounge to help you around if you're looking for any specific amenities. The lounge is open to available passengers for both arrivals and departures. The rumor is that this will eventually become a Priority Pass lounge. However, Priority Pass has yet to add the new LATAM lounge to its website at this time.

LATAM's very new and sparkly airport lounge in Miami is an impressive 10,000 square feet in size. It is obvious that no expense has been spared at the lounge. Visitors are greeted by a lively wall of trees that have all been sourced from the Amazon forest when they arrive at the lounge. It only gets better from there. A clustering of modern, comfortable chairs will greet you when you enter the lounge. Guests can make their way to an area full of marble-topped dining tables or a meeting space that overlooks a bustling terminal down below.

Let's talk about what really matters to lounge visitors. A large do-it-yourself bar topped with a plethora of goodies is one of the highlights of LATAM's new Miami lounge. Visitors are invited to dig in to enjoy self-serve chocolate mousse, yogurt, fruit and fruit juices. The alcoholic selection includes a nice variety of wines, vodka and more. There's also a buffet that offers what most people would consider a light spread. There's a good chance that LATAM will be rotating the menu at the buffet. However, staples like cheese plates, soups and sandwiches are what you can expect to find while the lounge is still new.

One notable thing about LATAM's new Miami lounge is that it has two large shower rooms. These spacious areas provide enough room to shower and get ready for the next leg of your journey in peace. The lounge also features a business center with Apple's iMac computers and a relaxation zone stocked with chaise loungers.

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