The British Airways pilots' strike that was expected to throw the industry into a tailspin this month has been called off by union members. It had seemed almost inevitable that a strike would begin on Sept. 27. However, pilots working for British Airways have decided to stay at the negotiating table. You might be wondering what that means for customers of British Airways.

The airline world got a small taste of chaos when British Airways pilots carried out a two-day strike earlier this month. The strike came in response to failed negotiations between British Airways and union leaders. British Airways presented an offer that would increase pay for pilots by 11.5 percent over the course of three years. However, that offer was rejected. British Airways was forced to cancel 1,700 flights during this month's short strike. It is estimated that 200,000 passengers were forced to make alternative travel plans due to the strike.

Passengers with tickets booked on or around Sept. 27 may be feeling slightly confused about what to do at the moment. British Airways had already started the process of suspending some flights in anticipation of a strike. British Airways is now saying that it will work hard to reinstate as many flights as possible before Sept. 27.

The British Airways pilot strike is still a developing story. Anyone flying with British Airways in the weeks to come should check flight information before heading to the airport. British Airways has set up a special online portal where passengers can view the latest strike-related information.

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