Infinity pools have become increasingly popular as many businesses and homeowners try to enhance the attractiveness of their pool areas. These stunning pools are simply gorgeous with their clear sides that make them almost look like human-sized aquariums. Compass Pools has now taken the infinity pool to the next level.

Compass Pools, a UK-based pool company, has released its design for a brand-new infinity pool concept that will be perched on top of a 55-story building. The amazing pool is said to cover the entire area of the building's roof; it will not only be clear on all sides but will have a clear bottom as well so guests can see 360 degrees while swimming.

A special spiral staircase will rise into the pool when guests wish to enter or exit. It is high-tech and futuristic all in one, though the concept has drawn comments such as '"The Sims" gone wrong'.

The pool will offer a magnificent view of London from all sides. At night, through the use of carefully positioned lights, the rooftop infinity pool will look like a shimmering roof that could be seen from great distances. The top floors of the building will also house a luxury hotel, spa, luxury retail boutiques as well as apartments.

The pool is very innovative, and the company has even incorporated some eco-friendly features into the design. For instance, the pool will be heated using exhaust air from the building's heating and cooling system. Other innovations will include a wind monitoring system so that temperatures in the water can always be maintained regardless of the weather.

If approved, construction of the 360-degree infinity pool will begin in 2020.

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