Could the TSA be the reason why you'll miss your next flight? Travelers are finding out the hard way during this summer's busy travel period that long security lines can lead to missed flights. Passengers are increasingly missing flights due to delays resulting from long TSA lines. Just how big is the problem? A recent survey commissioned by Capital One shows that one in seven passengers may be missing flights due to long lines. Are you flying to a destination this summer? Take a look at what travelers are saying about TSA lines and what the TSA is doing about it.

A Closer Look at Delays Caused by TSA Lines

There are many reasons why a person might miss a flight. Sometimes people oversleep or encounter traffic on the way to the airport. However, the most common reason why people miss flights is congestion caused by TSA lines. TSA-related delays have caused 14 percent of all travelers surveyed to miss a flight. Millennials are actually having the hardest time when it comes to making flights. A surprising 28 percent of all millennial travelers polled have missed flights due to long lines.

It turns out that TSA lines affect travelers before they even get to the airport. Travelers are now spending more time considering what they can and cannot pack in their carry-on bags due to strict TSA regulations. Travelers are even spending more time considering what they should be wearing to comply with tighter TSA-imposed regulations. For instance, travelers often opt to wear slip-on shoes over shoes with laces to make it easier to comply with the shoe removals that are mandated by the TSA.

One surprising thing that has been revealed is the fact that airline passengers are still missing flights despite the fact that 63 percent of travelers say they are showing up to the airport early in anticipation of TSA-related delays.

How the TSA Is Responding to Increasing Delays

The good news is that the TSA seems to be hearing the complaints of passengers loud and clear. The agency announced its intention to hire more agents back in May. In fact, a plan was put in place to hire 1,000 new agents before this year's peak summer travel season hit. The TSA is also adding 50 more canine teams around the country.

The TSA is anticipating that the 2018 summer travel season will break records. It is estimated by the agency that a total of 243 million people will pass through TSA security checkpoints around the world between Memorial Day and Labor Day of 2018. That will surpass the 239 million people who passed through checkpoints during the same period in 2017. Last summer saw the agency handling four of the top 10 busiest travel days since its founding in 2001.

Will Long TSA Lines Deter Airline Travelers This Summer?

It doesn't look as though the frustration of dealing with long TSA lines is doing much to deter travelers from heading to destinations around the globe this summer. A combination of cheap airfare rates and a strong economy is promoting Americans to want to travel in record numbers. What's more, 62 percent of all travelers say that they feel happier and more fulfilled as a result of traveling. That number jumps up to 74 percent among travelers with children.

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