Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) introduced an expanded pickup lot for ride-hailing passengers last week. The good news is things went smoothly. There's been a lot of drama regarding pickups at LAX in recent months. Congestion, confusion and complaints from airport passengers have been nearly unending at LAX ever since the airport made the decision to dictate where customers of ride-hailing services can be picked up by vehicles.

LAX-it is a new pickup process for taxi, Uber and Lyft customers at LAX. The designated LAX-it area is only available for pickups. Drivers can continue to drop off customers at terminal curbs at the airport. However, anyone being picked up by a ride-hailing service will need to hop on a LAX-it shuttle or walk to the LAX-it parking area.

Officials at LAX are reporting that the airport saw significant reductions in wait times for passengers following the introduction of the expanded pickup area last week. Wait times for most customers were under five minutes during the majority of the time.

One piece of news that might disappoint some customers is that Park ‘N Fly will no longer be operating at LAX. You may have used the company's parking services in the past if you've flown in or out of Los Angeles. LAX planners simply needed to move into some of the space that was being occupied by Park 'N Fly to make the expanded pickup lot happen. There's even talk that LAX could take over even more of the space that was previously operated Park ‘N Fly to accommodate heavy Thanksgiving traffic at the airport.

How is the space broken down among ride providers now that LAX has expanded its pickup lot? Lyft vehicles were given a significant amount of additional space with the change. Uber was given the space that had previously belonged to Lyft before the expansion. Taxis were also awarded some extra space for loading passengers under the new configuration.

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