Lufthansa Group has announced that it is changing the seating styles in both its Business and Economy Class sections for the group's new Airbus A320 aircraft. The airline group wishes to create a more uniform style across all of their brands so passengers will know what to expect when they enter a plane.

These new seats will begin to emerge in late 2019 as Lufthansa Group begins to take delivery of its new Airbus A320neo's. The group has on order approximately 100 Airbus A320neo aircraft. The planes will be used for short- and medium-haul flights on Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian.

The new seats are designed to be more ergonomic. In Economy Class, the seats will be at a fixed recline of 20 degrees instead of the current 12 degrees. Business Class seats allow passengers to adjust their seats up to a 26 degrees recline when flying.

The full-foam cushions are designed to be more contoured to the body, and the backs are ergonomically correct, as are the arms. This will allow for more comfort during flight as well as a more refreshed feeling after the flight. The materials that will be used are airy and will not be uncomfortable against the skin.

A new horizontal magazine holder on the back of the seats allows the backs of the chairs to be slimmer, which in turn allows for more pitch and comfort. The seats will be used across the Lufthansa brands, Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian, with the only difference being the seat colors.

As an added bonus, the new comfortable chairs are also much lighter than the old seats used in the aircraft. They are easier to maintain as well. These features will help reduce flight costs and maintenance costs, which will allow Lufthansa Group to provide better pricing on their tickets.

Lufthansa Group uses its Airbus A320 aircraft for all of their short- and medium-haul flights. The airline will introduce 100 new planes to their fleet over the next few years that will provide passengers with many new amenities, including the new ergonomic seats.

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