Lufthansa is running an unusual promotion during July and August on all its long-haul flights from Germany: Astronaut Food. The special dishes will be served to honor a German astronaut who has recently started his Horizons mission on the International Space Station (ISS). Business Class passengers will have the opportunity to dine like a spaceman or spacewoman.

Astronauts are allowed to request 'special' foods to take on their mission. These meals are used for special occasions or even team bonding. These foods are in limited supply and must meet special guidelines to be sent to the ISS.

Lufthansa will feature the Chicken Ragout with Mushrooms, one of the three special meals chosen by Astronaut Alexander Gerst for his mission.

The meals were created by the LSG Group Culinary Excellence Team. This group of food designers create dishes that will taste good at higher altitudes. Lufthansa uses its services to improve food quality for all its flights. Now, LSG Group was contracted to create foods that would tase good when consumed in zero gravity, and that, was a real challenge.

However, the end result was very positive; the meals met or exceeded all nutritional guidelines set forth by the space agency. In an effort to celebrate the ISS mission and to honor the German astronaut, Lufthansa decided to feature this dish, the actual ones used on the ISS and not a similar dish, on all of its long-haul flights originating out of Germany through the end of August. The airline has not stated if it will offer any other dishes created for the ISS in the future or if this is a one-time campaign.

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