Major airlines are going to struggle to attract flyers in the next few months. While some are blocking middle seats and taking extraordinary steps to avoid spreading the virus, they are still struggling to attract business. Governments around the globe are fearful that visitors will bring in the virus, and in some parts of the world, arriving travelers have to self-quarantine for a period of time. Lufthansa is trying to quell people's fears, and will offer on-site coronavirus testing at its hubs in Frankfurt and Munich. The tests will be available to departing passengers.

While no date has been set, the airline hopes to offer tests by early July. Lufthansa hasn't provided details on the cost, if any, though it probably won't be cheap. Vienna Airport, for example, offers COVID-19 tests for 190 euros, while Luxembourg is offering free testing for arriving airline passengers.

The tests will be marketed to travelers who want to avoid having to quarantine. While tests results won't be instantaneous, travelers will only have to wait about four hours to see if they are positive or negative for the virus.

Like all major airlines, Lufthansa is trying to boost flyers' confidence. Crew and passengers must wear face masks during the entirety of the flight, except during mealtimes. Lufthansa may also offer passengers the opportunity to block the middle seat, though that could come at a significant cost to passengers.

While very few details have been offered about the program, including how much it will cost, Lufthansa should find many willing to take the test as a way to avoid costly and lengthy quarantines that governments are imposing.

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