As the airline has done in recent years, Lufthansa is going to celebrate Oktoberfest on two long-haul flights coming up soon. On the flights, the cabin crew will wear traditional Bavarian clothing. The two Oktoberfest-themed A380 flights include the September 23 flight from Munich to Beijing (flight LH722) and the October 3 flight from Munich to Los Angeles (flight LH452).

On the two flights, passengers will see male cabin crew wearing the traditional lederhosen with dark blue vests. Female cabin crew will wear dark blue dirndls and silver-grey aprons. A company based in Munich, Angermaier, made the traditional outfits for the airline. Angermaier specializes in making traditional Bavarian clothing. A total of 21 flight attendants will wear the traditional Bavarian garb.

Those flying within Europe won't be left out. Some flights taking off from Munich are going to offer the same experience. Destinations include Amsterdam, Cologne, Warsaw, Milan, Brussels and a few others.

Lufthansa will also be celebrating Oktoberfest at its lounges in Munich International Airport. At its 12 lounges in Terminal 2 and the satellite building, the airline is going to offer nearly 9,000 pounds of Leberkäs, a popular German dish that consists of corned beef, pork and bacon. It will also serve more than 38,000 pretzels and over 1,500 pounds of Weißwurst sausages.

Lufthansa's First Class lounges will be festively decorated. Additionally, they will feature a full menu that begins with a traditional soup called Festtagssuppe. Then, guests will enjoy farmers' duck. Dessert will be homemade apple strudel served with rum-soaked raisins, roasted almonds and vanilla sauce.

Those in the Senator and Business lounges will enjoy Bavarian dishes the likes of Leberkäs', along with Fleischpflanzerl meatballs. For dessert, guests will enjoy quark mousse with plum topping.

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