Lufthansa is modernizing its brand image and making some big changes. The German airline's plan to revamp its image will involve both aesthetic elements and the processes that travelers go through when booking flights. The most noticeable change being unveiled is the new look of its planes.

Gone will be the signature yellow that people are used to seeing on fuselages and the crane insignia that has become synonymous with Lufthansa. In their places will be an updated Lufthansa logo and a bolder vertical stripe that stands out on the runway. The new look will be rolled out across Lufthansa's operations and extend to tickets, signage and uniforms. While some passengers may be sad to see the brand's signature yellow accents removed from the exteriors of its planes, many interior accents will be kept yellow.

Lufthansa is also making big changes to the way its passengers experience flying with the airline. Lufthansa passengers now have the ability to take advantage of an automated check-in procedure for all flights departing from Germany for destinations in Europe. All passengers will receive boarding passes 23 hours before departure as long as flights are booked 24 hours before departure. There will no longer be any need to take part in a manual check-in process. Passengers also have the ability to change seats, activate electronic luggage tags or cancel check-in plans using the new automated system. However, this new service is only available to Lufthansa customers who enter their personal details into their Miles & More accounts or Lufthansa iD profiles.

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