Lufthansa Group just announced plans to simply its frequent flyer program for the benefit of its customers. While all the changes will only apply to flights beginning January 1, 2021, loyal Lufthansa Group flyers have a lot to be excited about.

Foremost, the airline group is making it easier and more transapent for its loyal customers to achieve and maintain their Frequent Traveler, Senator and HON Circle status. On top of earning award miles for flights flown, passengers will receive points instead of the current status miles and HON Circle miles.

According to the airline group, customers can earn points on Lufthansa, SWISS and Austrian Airlines flights along with Brussels Airlines, Eurowings, LOT Polish Airlines, Croatia Airlines, Adria Airways, Luxair, Air Dolomiti (the airline group's co-issuing Miles & More airline partners) as well as all other Star Alliance carriers.

The new points system aims to make things less confusing for passengers shooting for elite status. Also, the amount of points that can be earned on a flight only depends on two things: (i) the passenger's travel class and (ii) whether the flight is continental or intercontinental.

Long story short, only points earned on flights flown will count in helping you gain frequent flyer status! Play around with Lufthansa Group's newly launched points calculator to get to know the new system better.

To achieve Frequent Traveler status, you will need to earn 160 points within a calendar year, of which at least 80 points must be qualifying points. To achieve Senator status, you will need to earn 480 points within a calendar year, of which at least 240 points are qualifying points. To become a HON Circle member, you will need to earn 1,500 qualifying points within a calendar year.

Important: Qualifying points can be earned when you fly with Lufthansa, SWISS and Austrian Airlines as well as with Miles & More airline partners (i.e. Brussels Airlines, Eurowings, Adria Airways, Air Dolomiti, Croatia Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines and Luxair)!

One more thing to note is that going forward, it will be possible for customers to collect points that count towards earning HON Circle status with Economy Class and Premium Economy Class flights.

For long-time frequent flyers, they could even retain their Frequent Traveler and Senator status for life! Lufthansa Group will sum up the points you have collected on flights operated by Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian Airlines, Miles & More airline partners. Bear in mind that you need to have been a Senator or HON Circle member for ten calendar years before you can even think about earning the coveted lifetime Senator status.

Lufthansa Group wants to recognize its most loyal passengers who choose to fly with the group's airlines time and again. By offering a loyalty program that customers can make sense of, the airline group is able to make sure its customers aren't shortchanged in any way. Complicated loyalty programs have always been the key reason why many end up without the rewards that could have been theirs.

Keep in mind the changes will not affect the Miles & More bonus program in any way. Also, the allocation of award miles remains the same. Click here to learn more about the changes and updates in detail.

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