Most of us are used to weather-related problems causing flight delays and cancellations. However, it's always a bit surprising when delays are caused by volcanoes. This is exactly what's taking place at Manila's main airport at the moment. The Taal volcano began erupting on Sunday. People living in the area were forced to flee their homes and jobs as lava and ash gushed forth from the volcano. Thousands of people have been forced to leave the area since volcanic activity began over the weekend. Even evacuation centers had to be evacuated once local officials realized the severity of the situation.

Manila's airport was closed for most of Sunday. However, partial operations were able to resume by Monday. Hundreds of flights were impacted during the small closure window. The impact of the volcano could make travel plans in and out of Manila difficult for people for many more days to come. Anyone with travel plans in or near the Philippines should stay updated regarding the impact that the volcano will continue to have on flights in the days and weeks ahead.

The Taal volcano erupted this week for the first time since 1977. The volcano is actually situated 60 miles from Manila. However, the strength of the eruption has created a need for people to wear face masks to escape plumes in the capital city. Officials are warning that things could get worse. People in the area are being warned that the eruption could turn into a catastrophic event that will cause ongoing lava flow in the days or weeks to come.

What should you do if you're planning to head to the Philippines soon? The situation may be resolved by the time you depart for your trip. However, it might be a good time to inquire about circumstances that are covered if you have travel insurance through a credit card or private company.

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