The grand opening of the St. Regis Hong Kong luxury hotel marked a special milestone for Marriott The new St. Regis property in Hong Kong is the 7,000th property opened and operated by the hotel giant. The new luxury hotel is part of the Starwood brand that was recently acquired by Marriott.

Marriott first started out as a root beer stand in 1927. It opened its first hotel in 1957. Now, the hotel company has 7,000 properties in 130 countries and territories around the world and is planning a continued expansion over the next couple of years. Marriott stated in March that it plans to launch at least 1,700 more hotels by the end of 2021 globally. There are approximately 320 properties planned for the Asia Pacific region to follow the launch of the newly opened St. Regis Hong Kong.

The St. Regis Hong Kong is a 27-story luxury hotel. The hotel has every amenity that you could imagine, including butler services. The rooms are beautifully decorated to embrace the culture and style of Hong Kong. The hotel houses several restaurants and bar areas that are exquisitely designed and feature some of the best dining options in the area.

Marriott has stated that it intends to focus on its global expansion over the next three years and that a majority of the properties it will be launching will be under its luxury brands. The demand for luxury hotels has increased significantly in the last few years, and Marriott wishes to meet the needs of its customers.

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