Marriott wants to make it easier for event planners to plan great events. The hotel giant just launched a new website called The new platform offers a comprehensive space for planning meetings and events. It will replace the Meetings Imagined platform.

Marriott's new planning platform provides a point-crunching calculator to make it easy for planners to estimate the number of points that can be earned through bookings. In addition, the platform will continually provide detailed information regarding the Marriott properties that offer spaces for meetings and events; promotions from participating Marriott properties around the world; xxx and more. Users can also browse information regarding industry trends, destination highlights and real-life success stories. Marriott will be providing users of its Bonvoy events page with special tips and tricks for planning successful events.

Bonvoy-minded planners can now use an interactive map to track down ideal destinations for hosting meetings and events. Everything from hotel layouts to details regarding guest rooms will be accessible on the platform. Users can conduct filtered searches based on the criteria they're looking for when putting together plans for events and meetings. Marriott's new Bonvoy portal even allows planners to submit requests for proposals online easily.

It's clear that Marriott wants to become the go-to hotel chain for corporate events in the years to come. The new Bonvoy portal for event planners is going to help Marriott reach that goal. The hotel brand's robust portfolio of properties around the world creates the perfect scenario for international brands looking for consistency and uniformity in meeting planning. In addition, dangling Bonvoy points in front of event planners is a great way to inspire brand loyalty.

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