The Renaissance Cancun Resort and Marina has officially opened for the 2019 travel season. The new resort is part of the luxury lifestyle Renaissance brand by Marriott. The resort is located in Puerta Cancun.

The new resort features 180 luxury rooms in a beautifully designed building. The interior has been uniquely decorated to reflect the culture of the area, including the Mayan Underground. Local artists were engaged to create artwork peppered throughout the resort.

The resort is located on the largest marina in Cancun. The region features a professionally designed golf course, a shopping mall and many different dining experiences. There are movie theaters in the area for guests to enjoy, too. The entire property is beautifully designed for the ultimate resort experience. Of course, guests will also have access to the marina and water-related activities. For those who prefer to lounge, the resort has a large pool and deck area for fun and relaxation.

Guests of the resort will enjoy its convenient location. It is only about 10 minutes outside of the Cancun city center and 25 minutes from Cancun International Airport. For those who wish to explore Cancun, they can reach the area quickly and indulge in everything this area has to offer. It's easy to explore modern marvels or ancient Mayan sites while you are out and about in Cancun.

Puerta Cancun has been under development for several years and has waited for an anchor resort to call this area home. Marriott wanted to be the first to launch a resort in the area and may bring additional properties in the future. The hotel giant has been expanding its Renaissance brand throughout the Caribbean for the last few years.

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