Anyone who travels frequently is already familiar with the many partnerships that exist between hotel brands and credit cards. These partnerships help to reward customers for their loyalty. Marriott just signed new agreements with American Express and JPMorgan Chase to offer more co-branded credit cards. The cards will be available to members of Marriott's popular loyalty program.

How Marriott Plans to Maximize Existing Partnerships With Credit Card Brands

Marriott's new agreements with American Express and JPMorgan Chase are designed to help the hotel brand introduce new card products at some point in 2018. These card products will provide members of the hotel brand's loyalty program with enhanced benefits. The cards that Marriott has in development will range from consumer cards to business cards.

All of the deals that were signed are long-term deals that may take a while to manifest in tangible ways for existing cardholders. However, there could be many benefits to look forward to for current and future cardholders.

A Sneak Peak at What Marriott Is Planning for 2018

Marriott has plans in the works to launch a new technology platform that will make it easy for members to manage rewards for all of its card offerings in one place. This platform will likely be available at some point by the end of 2018.

The platform will also serve as a way to finally unite the Marriott Rewards program with the Starwood Preferred Guest loyalty program. The merging of the two loyalty programs became a big hurdle for Marriott following its merger with Starwood. Marriott will be able to provide a single portal for the more than 100 million members of its combined loyalty programs once the platform launches.

Should Existing Marriott Customers Expect Changes?

Marriott has made it clear that current customers won't experience any unexpected updates or changes to existing co-branded cards for now. This means that members of Marriott's loyalty program can continue to use their cards and redeem points in the usual fashion. This will come as good news for customers who already enjoy using the Marriott Rewards Visa, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards Visa from JPMorgan Chase and the many popular Starwood Preferred Guest credit cards issued by American Express.

Marriott is assuring its loyal customers that any changes that do take place in the future will be positive ones. Marriott's updated deals with two of the biggest financial powerhouses in the world are designed to raise the profile of the Marriott Rewards program and provide customers with more choices regarding how they spend and earn.

Existing members will simply have to sit back and wait to see how the updates that Marriott is promising will play out. Marriott has already proven that it doesn't mind taking its time when it comes to implementing changes to its loyalty program. The hotel chain has taken precautions not to rock the boat by making too many changes to its loyalty program at any one time.

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