Midwest Express was a beloved airline with headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The airline served more than 20 destinations around the U.S and offered nice touches such as warm chocolate chip cookies and leather seats, along with fabulous customer service. While popular, it ran into financial trouble and ceased operations in 2010.

According to the airline, it will start selling tickets very soon and hopes to be flying by the end of the year or early January. Midwest Express will bring back favorites such as leather seats, nonstop short flights and of course, chocolate chip cookies.

While no schedule has been released just yet, the airline wants to start with flights between Milwaukee and Grand Rapids, Michigan; Omaha, Nebraska; and Cincinnati, Ohio. The plan is to release a schedule within the next month and offer flights by the end of the year.

Midwest Express will certainly have a lot of fans, but things have changed over the years. Southwest Airlines has made a lot of moves in Milwaukee and offers nonstop flights to 20 cities, though flights from Milwaukee to Cincinnati, Grand Rapids and Omaha aren't nonstop.

Even though the market is very competitive, Midwest Express feels that it can compete with the big names by offering unmatched customer service. Initially, the flights will be operated by Elite Airways LLC, which is based in Maine. To get off the ground, the airline has chosen to partner with an established airline. Once the airline is up and running, its goal is to have its own fleet and airline operating certificate.

Keep in mind even though Elite Airways will provide the aircraft initially, Midwest Express plans to offer its own customer service operations, reservation system and in-flight amenities. Midwest Express expects its reservation system to be up and running by Christmas, if not sooner.

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