In case you haven't heard, President Trump has officially extended the federal government's social distancing guidelines through the end of April and the strict curbs placed on establishments like indoor shopping malls, shops, boutiques, amusement parks, gyms, fitness centers, movie theaters, restaurants and bars that do not offer takeout etc are unlikely to go away anytime soon. Also, the death toll in the United States has exceeded 2,400 as of time of writing.

Although bank branches are legally allowed to stay open, scores of bank branches across the country have closed temporarily while others now offer scaled back services alongside restricted opening hours due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many banks in the United States have also switched to drive-through and ATM operations only.

By shutting and limiting operation hours of the bank branches, the banks are able to better protect their employees as well as customers. Across the board, the large retail banks in the United States such as JPMorgan Chase & Co, Bank of America, Citigroup and Capital One are reminding their customers that they can always bank online to avoid public places as much as possible without compromising on their banking needs amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In light of the alarming spread of the coronavirus in the United States and around the world, now's a highly appropriate time to familiarize yourself with your credit card issuer's mobile app or online banking website. This is so you can get your banking needs done in the comfort of your own home, any time you want, without having to put yourself at risk of catching the virus if you were to head outside and wait in line.

From checking balances, making payments, investing, and transferring funds to monitoring your account for fraud, sending and/or receiving money between family and friends and locating the nearest ATMs near you, these are general facilities that you have easy access to on your credit card issuer's mobile app or online banking website.

Most often than not, there will also be an easy-to-navigate FAQ page where you can search for and find the answers that you could possibly be looking for. Digital tools and resources for self-service banking are often available for your perusal as well.

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