Could your laptop be banned by your favorite airline? Many airlines are placing restrictions on MacBook Pro laptops. The crackdown is happening over concerns that these laptops could catch fire.

Qantas and Jetstar Australia are banning some models of the MacBook Pro from their luggage compartments. All 15-inch versions of the popular computer are banned from being placed inside checked luggage. Passengers must instead carry these models with them inside cabins. In addition, MacBook Pro laptops must be switched off before they will be allowed inside any Qantas and Jetstar Australia cabins.

One airline is actually being even more extreme when it comes to banning this laptop. Virgin Australia made the decision to ban all MacBook laptops from checked bags in late August.

Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways have completely banned certain older generation 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops from being brought onto the aircraft, regardless of whether they are taken into the cabin or checked in.

Apple issued a recall notice for some of its 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops over the summer. The models in question were sold between September of 2015 and February of 2017. The recall came following the discovery that the batteries inside these models could overheat.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently sent a notice to major airlines in the United States regarding the fire danger posed by the MacBook Pro. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency also recently issued a warning regarding concerns that some MacBook Pro models could create fire hazards on planes.

What can you do if you own a MacBook pro? Roughly 432,000 laptops nationwide are impacted by Apple's recall. Apple has set up a program to help customers get replacement batteries for their laptops. You can see if your laptop is eligible for the program here.

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