In preparation for the 2020 Olympics taking place in Tokyo, the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) is awarding 12 additional flight slots to Tokyo. The USDOT has made their provisional selections for these time slots, awarding them to four carriers. The USDOT will not make these flights official until June. They are waiting to see if there are questions or concerns about the awards before finalizing the choices.

Delta will be granted five of the 12 slots. They will gain an additional daily flight to Tokyo Haneda from Atlanta, Detroit, Honolulu, Portland and Seattle. The airline had asked for six additional flights when they made their request.

United Airlines had also requested six additional flights to Tokyo Haneda. The airline has been granted four new flights. The additional daily flights will come from Chicago, Los Angeles, Newark and Washington-Dulles.

American Airlines requested four new slots in anticipation of the Olympics. The USDOT granted them two slots to Tokyo Haneda. They will offer a new daily flight from Los Angeles and Dallas.

Hawaiian Airlines requested three additional routes and was only given one additional route from Honolulu to Tokyo Haneda. Hawaiian Airlines has stated that they were very disappointed in the fact that they received only one additional route since there is such high demand for flights between Hawaii and Japan now, with a higher demand anticipated in 2020.

All the airlines will wait until final confirmation is given by the USDOT before scheduling these new flights and making tickets available for purchase.

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