In 2017, Dish Network introduced the Evolve system into hotel room entertainment systems. This Android-based unit allowed guests to watch television or stream programs in their room. Now, Dish has announced that it will upgrade its Evolve Systems with access to Netflix.

Netflix has become one of the most popular ways to view programing. This new system will let guests staying at hotels powered by Evolve sign into their Netflix accounts in their rooms and enjoy uninterrupted service. The new plan will be rolling out throughout the year this year.

Netflix access has become one of the biggest requests by hotel guests. In fact, a survey of guests' viewing habits last year discovered that more people turned to watching Netflix in their rooms than adult programming. This is the first time that special access to programming has become a demand in the hotel industry. Hotels across all brands are quickly upgrading to offer Netflix access.

The Smart Box found in hotel rooms that use Dish will be upgraded to include Netflix access. Guests can simply hit the app and sign into their account for premium viewing. All credentials associated with the account are erased immediately once the application is closed.

The new Smart Boxes also have the capability to run 4K programming. This superior quality option is available with some programs and gives the highest quality pictures available. Access will require that the hotels have devices capable of broadcasting in 4K. The devices will also be capable of playing analog and HD programs with ease.

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