It's impossible to ignore that 2019 has been a huge year for airport lounges. The year has already brought us new lounges from American Airlines, United Airlines and Centurion. However, it's important to remember that the year isn't over quite yet. Several new lounges are still set to debut before the end of 2019.

One thing you'll notice when you take a look at the newest lounges to be introduced around the world is that airlines and lounge providers are going bigger than ever when it comes to rolling out spaces that offer top-tier amenities like showers, sprawling buffets, world-class bars and Wi-Fi access. Here's a quick rundown of the highly anticipated lounge openings that we'll see in the months to come:

  • Phoenix is due to get a new Centurion Lounge at Terminal 4 this November
  • New Orleans is getting a new United Club Lounge to accompany a new 35-gate terminal that's coming this fall
  • Delta is planning a new lounge in New Orleans
  • British Airways has announced plans to open new lounges in Geneva and Johannesburg
  • The Turkish Airlines Exclusive Lounge will open in Istanbul this fall

Elite travelers should be pretty happy about the new lounges that are popping up at airports around the world. Most of the new lounges that are set to open before the close of 2019 are only available to First Class passengers or elite members of loyalty programs.

Elite travelers will be able to enjoy more privacy and luxury than ever before. However, ordinary travelers aren't totally out of luck. The rise of pay-per-visit lounges cannot be ignored. The Club network has been busy opening up several lounges around the country in recent months. This network allows visitors to enjoy lounge access for just $40 per day at more than a dozen airports.

Lounge news won't end when 2019 does. Centurion plans to open several new locations around the country throughout 2020. The list of cities scheduled to get new lounges next year includes London, Charlotte, Los Angeles, Denver, and New York.

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