Passengers with disabilities have a much harder time traveling, be it getting to or from the airport or waiting for a flight. Luckily for flyers with reduced mobility who are traveling through Moscow's Domodedovo Airport, there is now a new dedicated lounge to relax at.

The lounge is located on the first floor of the terminal building, between entrances 0 and 1. The lounge - which offers complimentary access - offers chairs and recliners, hot and cold water dispensers, bathrooms, along with showers. There is also an information desk that is open around the clock as well as a departures board showing all the latest flight information. The lounge has a capacity for up to 50 passengers.

A huge advantage of this lounge is that disabled passengers will be able to use it on both departures and arrivals, meaning they can relax before or after a flight, take a shower or simply unwind. Those who have trouble getting around the airport can also choose to receive assistance from an escort if they don't have a companion.

The airport goes out of its way to offer a more accessible experience for disabled visitors and offers multiple opportunities to lend a hand along the journey. In fact, assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To put things into perspective, the airport also offers free parking and spaces reserved very close to the terminal for any vehicle carrying passengers with mobility issues.

Airport lounges aimed at those with disabilities isn't a new concept. Sofia Airport opened its own waiting lounge for disabled passengers in 2014, and many airport lounges around the world go out of their way to make their lounge spaces easily accessible for all, even if the lounges themselves are not specifically dedicated to disabled passengers.

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