To encourage travel while keeping spread of the coronavirus in check, Munich Airport now offers free coronavirus testing to arriving travelers who show a same-day boarding pass. Tents, located between the two terminals on the third floor, are set up land-side at the Forum of Munich Airport Center. This is not available to travelers transiting via Munich Airport.

One huge advantage is that there is no pre-registration required. You can just show up with a valid same-day boarding pass. Testing is only available for passengers who aren't showing any symptoms of the virus, and results should be available within 24 hours, if not sooner.

Germany is taking the virus seriously. The country is trying to catch more cases from those who are coming from higher risk areas around the world. Those who are arriving from high risk areas either need to quarantine for 14 days or get a coronavirus test, and travelers need to stay quarantined until they get their test results.

While this is certainly good news for travelers visiting Munich and hopefully other airports soon follow suit, this doesn't mean that everyone can enter Germany. Americans who hope to visit Germany still won't be able to visit the country until travel restrictions are lifted.

Passengers departing from Munich Airport can take the coronavirus test at the airport's medical center located at Terminal 1, but they must register by email or via a phone call, and it isn't free. The test comes at a cost of 190 euros, plus weekend and night surcharges where applicable.

Additionally, bear in mind tests are performed only on persons without COVID-19 symptoms, or without contact with a person who may have contracted COVID-19.

Munich Airport isn't the only airport where you can be tested for the virus. In fact, Lufthansa offers the test at Frankfurt Airport, though it comes at a cost. At Istanbul Airport, passengers flying in and out of the airport can get the coronavirus test for 110 Turkish liras (around $16 USD).

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