Germany will impose higher airline fees in 2020. The new fees are being added to ticket prices in the name of climate protection. The hope is that higher prices for airline tickets will encourage some travelers to opt for trains instead whenever possible when traveling domestically. It is assumed by most industry insiders that low-cost carriers in Germany will suffer the most once higher fees kick in. Here's a quick glance at what the new fees are going to look like once we hit 2020:

  • Fees for domestic and European flights will rise to €13.03.
  • Fees for mid-haul flights will rise to €33.01.
  • Fees for long-haul flights will rise to €59.43.

Germany is also fully banning the practice of offering tickets at what are known as dumping prices. That means that airlines will be banned from offering tickets at below-cost prices. You probably already know that low-cost airlines are content to lose money by offering ultra-cheap tickets. Those airlines rely on passenger purchases for things like baggage, entertainment, food and priority seating to create revenue. Budget carriers in Germany will now be forced to raise ticket prices.

When will airline customers begin seeing higher prices? The new fees are technically supposed to kick in once Jan. 1 rolls around. However, Chancellor Angela Merkel has moved to postpone the increase until April. The delay is designed to give airlines and passengers opportunities to adjust plans.

Will higher airline taxes in Germany really save the planet? It's very hard to say. Revenue that is generated from the higher fees won't be used to combat CO2 levels or reduce emissions in any direct way. However, it is likely that Germany will use at least some of the funds that are brought in to subsidize train fares.

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