Two more airlines are increasing fees. JetBlue and Alaska Airlines are the latest carriers to add new fees as a way to boost revenues. The increases come after both airlines have tried to boost profitability using other adjustments. However, being disciplined with costs and playing around with flight capacities haven't done enough to fight against the rising costs the airline world faces. Here's a rundown of the new fees customers can expect from JetBlue and Alaska Airlines:

  • JetBlue's fees for first and second bags will increase by $5.
  • JetBlue's fees for third bags, large bags, bulky equipment and surfboards will increase by $50.
  • JetBlue's fee for pets will go up from $100 to $125.
  • JetBlue's cancellation fee for vacation packages and some pricier tickets will jump to $200.
  • Alaska will no longer allow free flight changes up until 60 days before departure.
  • Alaska's flight changes will now cost $125 for most passengers.
  • Alaska's same-day confirmed changes now cost $50.
  • Alaska will now charge more for exit-row seats.

Rising fuel costs are forcing most airlines to reevaluate how they do business. Both JetBlue and Alaska Airlines have managed to keep fees to a minimum in the past. However, shifting dynamics caused by rising fuel costs mean that the airlines can no longer offset costs using old tricks.

Customers of JetBlue and Alaska may be disappointed to discover that fees are going up. Both carriers have stellar reputations among travelers: JetBlue was ranked #2 in the 2018 J.D. Power North America Airline Satisfaction Study while Alaska Airlines took the #3 spot. Also, JetBlue's loyalty program is the highest-rated frequent flyer program in the country right now.

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