A new Chilean-based low-cost carrier set to open for business later this year has announced plans to offer heavily discounted tickets as part of its grand premiere. JetSmart, the latest airline venture from American investment firm Indigo Partners, will be offering a limited number of tickets for as little as 1000 Chilean pesos, or roughly a dollar and change. The new carrier is set to fill Chile's niche for ultra-budget oriented domestic flights.

According to an announcement from JetSmart, the carrier "will have 30,000 tickets for 1,000 pesos ($1.50 USD) per one-way trip plus taxes, to fly within Chile". The carrier will launch with three Airbus A320s and plans to add an additional six to its fleet in 2018. JetSmart's low-cost model is poised to compete with LATAM Airlines, Latin America's biggest carrier, who is gearing up with its own low-cost options.

Indigo Partners, the investment firm behind JetSmart, has already established itself in the Latin American market. Volaris, its Mexico-based carrier, has succeeded with its low-cost model. Indigo's main selling point is their unbundled fares, which maintain low base prices and allows passengers to add services, such as advanced seating reservations or larger carry-on bags, for additional fees.

JetSmart's launch will be limited to domestic flights, though the airline has mentioned that it plans to eventually expand to regional service. While LATAM Airlines has plans for its own low-cost service, JetSmart is bound to garner attention with this clever promotion. Given Indigo's success in Mexico, JetSmart is likely to succeed in establishing itself as a viable low-cost alternative in Chile.

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