Do you remember back in October when United Airlines announced that it would no longer be allowing MileagePlus members to earn miles toward status tiers? United's new changes for its loyalty program officially kick in this month. That means you may want to become familiar with the new setup if you're a member of the MileagePlus program.

What is there to know? United elite status used to be earned through a combination of Premier Qualifying Miles (PQMs), Premier Qualifying Dollars (PQDs) and Premier Qualifying Segments (PQSs). Qualification is now based on two entirely new metrics. Those metrics are Premier Qualifying Points (PQPs) and Premier Qualifying Flights (PQFs). Here's a look at the new chart:

  • 12 PQFs + 4,000 PQPs for Premier Silver.
  • 24 PQFs + 8,000 PQPs for Premier Gold.
  • 36 PQFs + 12,000 PQPs for Premier Platinum.
  • 54 PQFs + 18,000 PQPs for Premier 1K.

United is clearly shifting to a policy of rewarding spending instead of time spent traveling. The carrier is awarding one PQP for each dollar spent. Here's how much you're going to need to spend to qualify for status in each tier:

  • $4,000 for Premier Silver.
  • $8,000 for Premier Gold.
  • $12,000 for Premier Platinum.
  • $18,000 for Premier 1K.

Keep in mind that this is what you'll need to spend before taxes and fees. United will allow travelers to earn PQPs and meet spending requirements using extras like preferred seats, paid upgrades and more. In addition, you will be able to earn those valuable PQPs when flying with United's partner airlines and Star Alliance carriers.

Scott Dylan is a contributing writer at and has been to (almost) every country in North, Central and South America with nothing more than a backpack, a laptop and the desire to explore. He speaks Spanish fluently and has logged enough time in planes, trains, rideshares, buses, taxis and rickshaws to know how to rack up rewards and points to get anywhere his heart desires for pennies on the dollar. Email: