The new terminal being constructed at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport has had its opening date delayed again until the Fall of 2019. The new terminal, which has been under construction since January 2016, was set to open May 15th after two previous delays. The original launch date for the terminal was in 2018.

The new terminal will replace the existing terminal in New Orleans. It is being constructed on the northern end of the property and will easily transition from the older one when completed. A new access ramp from I-10 will also be constructed in the near future.

The new terminal will have 35 gates along with a large concourse area with many retail and dining choices available to travelers. The airport will also have some of the most modern airport technologies for passenger screening and assistance.

There have been many delays over the past two years. One delay was caused by a change in plans for the size of the terminal. Initially, the terminal was set to have 30 gates. Midway through construction, that was changed to 35 gates. Another setback was that the land underneath the terminal became loose, which affected the main sewer line.

The mayor of New Orleans has stated that the extra time is necessary to make sure everything is perfect, safe and functional for the opening. This is the largest infrastructure project this area has ever undertaken, and she wants to make sure that it is done correctly. The terminal initially had a price tag of $598 million. After the changes and the repairs, the terminal now has a price tag exceeding $1 billion.

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