Last Wednesday, San Francisco International Airport (SFO) opened a 3,000 square-ft outdoor retreat. International passengers who are waiting to hop on their departing flights can now lounge and enjoy a stunning 180-degree view of airport operations.

The outdoor retreat is located at the brand new G Terrace, which is located at the end of the International Terminal, Boarding Area G. The terrace offers a place for travelers to relax and enjoy a garden along with several bronze sculptures. In creating the terrace, the airport was aiming to offer travelers a way to escape from the more stressful elements of traveling. The location is perfect as it's after security, so flyers can relax before their flight without having to rush through security.

While the area is perfect for relaxing, the airport knows most travelers want to recharge their devices before hopping onto a plane, especially when a long international flight awaits them. The airport has installed weather-proof electrical sockets, and with plenty of wooden chairs and tables to work from, travelers will also be able to knock out any last-minute work. Those who simply want to unwind can do so from the comfortable chaise lounges.

Those who wish to visit the terrace can do so from 7:00am to 11:30pm, every day. Travelers flying out of Terminal 3 can also access the terrace via a connecting walkway. Although food and beverages are permitted, smoking is not. One of the more impressive feats about the terrace is that it's encompassed by 10-foot-high bird-safe glass panels.

Terminal 2 will also be getting an observation deck in October. The observation deck will be located before security, so anyone will be able to access it, even those without a boarding pass.

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