Are comfortable, sleep-worthy airplane seats only for the rich? A new design concept for airline seats could break down barriers when it comes to cabin class! Sleep is something that many frequent travelers constantly chase. However, Economy seats on planes aren't exactly built for slumber. One company would like to change that. A London-based company called New Territory has created a new design concept for airplanes called Interspace. Attendees of this year's Virgin Atlantic Aircraft Cabin Innovation Summit got a preview of the Interspace design.

What makes New Territory's Interspace design so perfect for sleep? The design uses padded wings that provide support and privacy to travelers in Economy seats. Each seat features a set of wings that can be adjusted to create a customized and more private environment for each passenger. The design does a really good job of adding built-in enhancements to the standard structure of a seat.

One detail that is noticeably absent from the Interspace design is a headrest. Interspace's flat-seat design creates a smoother position that will supposedly improve posture while increasing comfort during journeys. In fact, everything about the new seat design is supposed to react with the way we naturally move our bodies. That's a far cry from the default concept of making bodies conform to narrow, rigid Economy seats. New Territory actually operates based on the concept that airline passengers of all social and financial statuses deserve comfort.

Many airline manufacturers and seat designers put an emphasis on creating comfortable, sleep-friendly seats for Business, First and luxury cabins. Interspace could finally bring comfort to the cabins where the majority of travelers actually sit. New Territory is currently in talks with several carriers regarding the idea of adding this concept to their Economy cabins.

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