San Francisco International Airport has officially opened its SkyTerrace observation deck. The new deck is designed to give aviation enthusiasts a place to watch the activity on the runways with the best view and the least interruption.

The SkyTerrace spans 1,460 square foot and is located at Terminal 2 in a location that gives visitors a clear view of all four runways. The deck is open from 7am to 10pm daily and is free to anyone who wants to enjoy the view - including those without boarding passes or tickets.

You do not have to be a passenger to enjoy the SkyTerrace. The airport thoughtfully designed the terrace so it is accessible to all visitors, including non-ticketed visitors as well as those who are traveling from San Francisco International Airport. Visitors will still have to undergo a security check before entering the newly opened space, but it will not be anything like the security they must pass in order to fly.

It is the hope of the airport to bring the passion of flying back to a new generation. In the past, it was not unusual for non-flying passengers to come to the airport to watch the planes or to have dinner at one of the fancy restaurants. Now, due to security measures and other inconveniences, many people just don't think of this as a place to visit for fun other than catching a flight.

Guests can bring food and drinks out onto the outdoor observation deck, and enjoy the outdoor seating. A new cafe is set to open later in the year near the SkyTerrace to enhance the overall experience for visitors. The terrace also features a small museum exhibit called 'The 1954 San Francisco International Airport Terminal', which shares the illustrious history of the airport with visitors.

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