Airport officials have announced the new terminal at Louis Armstrong International Airport will officially open on November 6, 2019. The opening comes after many hiccups and delays in its construction. The new terminal will be used by all 16 commercial airlines operating at the airport.

The new terminal features three concourses, 35 gates, and over 40 retail and dining options for travelers. It also has two new parking garages. The project, which has cost over $1 billion, is the largest infrastructure project that New Orleans has undertaken since the construction of the Superdome.

The airport terminal faced many challenges and delays since it broke ground. Issues with plumbing have been the most significant problem, with delays costing millions and taking months to repair and replace. The sewage system is still being worked on at this time and is supposed to be completed before the opening of the terminal.

The old terminal for the New Orleans airport was smaller and could not handle the volume of travelers passing through the airport. Increased travel to New Orleans and the upcoming 2020 College Football National Championship games and the 2024 Super Bowl were some of the driving factors in building a larger airport terminal.

Airport officials are advising that anyone who is traveling via Louis Armstrong International Airport on November 6 to allow extra time to get to their flights because this is the transition day.

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