New York City was once the center of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. Through hard work, and a lot of testing, the city is once again returning to normal. In fact, museums are now open in the city. However, that does not mean that things are 100 percent back to normal. One way to curb the virus and prevent massive outbreaks is to test incoming travelers. Officials just announced that they would be doing that at both New York JFK and LaGuardia airports.

The Port Authority of New Jersey and New York will offer COVID-19 testing facilities at both airports. So far, details are sparse. It is not known exactly when testing will start and how quickly travelers should expect results, though tests should be available within the next few weeks. Those arriving at JFK or LaGuardia will not be forced to take a COVID-19 test, and those who choose to take one won't be charged. It is also not clear where testing stations will be set up or how many tests will be offered each day.

Currently, those coming from many states within the United States must self-quarantine. Travelers arriving from affected states must fill out a form and offer local contact information as well as the address where they intend to serve their quarantine. Arriving passengers coming from affected areas who do not fill out the form face a $2,000 fine.

The Port Authority launched XpresCheck at JFK's Terminal 4 back in June. With XpresCheck, airport and airline employees can be rapidly tested. At Newark Liberty's Terminal B, airport and airline workers can also be tested on the spot.

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