Governor Cuomo and the New York Port Authority have officially announced that they will invest $3.8 billion into renovating and expanding New York JFK Terminal 4. The new expansion will add 16 new domestic gates and over 500,000 square feet of space. Construction on Terminal 4 will begin immediately, and is anticipated to be be completed prior to 2023.

The newly expanded terminal will allow Delta to move all its operations into one terminal. Currently, the airline operates out of Terminals 2 and 4. The relocation to Terminal 4 is anticipated to be completed by 2023 while Terminal 2 would be demolished in time to come.

The expansion of Terminal 4 is part of the $13 billion dollar plan to modernize and improve New York JFK airport. This airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, but it often ranks as one of the lowest for quality and service.

The modernization plans are an attempt by the state to improve the overall customer experience. The airport will also enhance the JFK AirTran as part of the overall expansion plan. Road improvements are also on the table to enable quicker access to the airport, for example, the Van Wyck Expressway will be expanded.

The expansion plan also includes constructing two additional terminals. One of the terminals will replace Terminal 2 after its demolition. The new terminals will be fitted with new technologies to allow faster processing of passengers and better access to the gates.

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