Airports and airlines around the world are looking at ways to safeguard the health and safety of travelers and crew members. One way they are doing so is by offering rapid COVID-19 testing. There are testing facilities at airports around the world, and now there is a new one at Newark Airport, run by XpresSpa.

At Newark Liberty International Airport Terminal B, airport and airline employees can now be tested on the spot. In fact, up to 350 airport employees can be screened every day. The plan is to open it up to regular travelers in the near future. XpresCheck began as a pilot at New York's JFK Airport, and at that airport, both employees and passengers can be checked for COVID-19. On August 10, testing was made available to the public.

The testing site at Newark is similar to the one at JFK. There are six testing rooms, and one can be tested for both the virus and to see if they have antibodies. When available to the public, patients will be able to do a walk-in appointment, or they will be able to make an appointment online at XpresSpa says that all major insurance plans are accepted, and they are HIPAA-compliant - all private information will remain private.

XpresCheck has big plans and eventually may be at dozens of airports in the United States, though they have no concrete plans yet. If the company expands to other airports, it will likely open locations at larger hubs with a lot of traffic.

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