Recently, Alaska Airlines announced it would be forming a new partnership with Condor, the low-cost carrier. Now, the airline has revealed it is forming a partnership with Finnair. Under the new partnership, travelers will have the opportunity to earn reciprocal frequent flyer miles whenever they fly with either Alaska Airlines or Finnair.

This new frequent flyer partnership just means that Alaska Mileage Plan members will have the chance to earn miles when they book a flight with Finnair. Conversely, Finnair Plus members can rack up miles and redeem award tickets when they fly with Alaska Airlines.

Although travelers can take advantage of the opportunity to earn miles when flying either airline, Finnair Plus members also have the chance to redeem their miles for flights on Alaska Airlines. In the future, the two airlines plan to make it available for Alaska Mileage Plan members to redeem their miles for flights aboard Finnair.

Curious about how it breaks down? Currently, travelers opting for a one-way Economy ticket within the United States or Canada would expect to pay 27,000 Finnair Plus miles. A First Class ticket would run about 51,000 miles. Since the award chart for Alaska is distance-based, the number of miles required would be based on the route you take. A one-way Economy flight in the United States would begin at 5,000 miles while that for First Class begins at 25,000 miles.

In case you're interested, Finnair will soon be launching a new service between Helsinki and San Francisco. Starting on June 1, 2017, the route makes it possible for travelers on the West Coast to be easily connected with Scandinavia.

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